The Bay of Mazarrón, bathed by the Mediterranean is located in the southeast of the Murcia region, it has a privileged climate of warm and mild temperatures that allows you to enjoy activities on its beaches and in the environment during any time of the year, it is chosen as vacation destination for a large number of tourists to enjoy their free time throughout the year.

It is an ideal enclave for the practice of nautical sports and diving, thanks to its attractive seabed, considered one of the best in the southeast of Spain, it is also an ideal place for hiking and cycling tourism.

Similarly, Mazarrón has important archaeological sites that tell us about its history; that goes from the first Neolithic settlers and their evolutionary awakening to the present day.

playa bolnuevo
torre de los caballos2

Mazarrón as a vacation destination is chosen by a large number of tourists to enjoy their free time throughout the year. It is its pleasant temperatures that make this coastal municipality a center of interest, both for residents and tourists, either to spend a few days off or to establish their second residence in the municipality. The charm of this town lies in its varied and numerous beaches, in its cultural, archaeological and monumental heritage, such as: the Phoenician ships of Playa de la Isla dated in the 7th century BC, Archaeological Museum of the Roman Factory of Salazones del Puerto de Mazarrón, Castillo de los Vélez, Torre de Los Caballos in Bolnuevo, building of the Old Town Hall or Town Hall and the mining reserves of Mazarrón.

Nearby Places


Cartagena is a port city and naval base in the Murcia region of southeastern Spain. The city was founded by the Carthaginians around 220 BC. and reached its peak during the Roman period. Among its many Roman ruins, is the theater from the 1st century BC. and the Casa de la Fortuna, a villa with murals and mosaics. The Punic Wall Interpretation Center houses the remains of a defensive wall from the 3rd century BC.


Lorca is a city belonging to the Region of Murcia, located in the Alto Guadalentín region, in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the third largest town in the Region of Murcia after Murcia and Cartagena, with 95,515 inhabitants.

It is known for its castle, its Baroque architecture and its Holy Week processions, declared a festival of international tourist interest.


Murcia is a Spanish city, capital of the Region of Murcia. It is the center of the Huerta de Murcia region and its metropolitan area. It is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the banks of the Segura River, in the so-called Murcian pre-coastal depression, 40 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. With 459,403 inhabitants.


Jumilla is a municipality located in the north of the Murcia Region, in the Altiplano region. The city is famous nationally and internationally for its wines and its pears, both with Denomination of Origin.


Totana is a municipality belonging to the Region of Murcia. Located in the Bajo Guadalentín region, it is the head of the judicial district of the same name. It has 32,529 inhabitants.

One of the artistic disciplines with its own idiosyncrasy in the city of Totana is music, either popular with the typical Murcian gangs of souls and their “Easter songs”.

Pottery also stands out, counting this municipality with a large quantity and quality of artisans, being one of the emblems of the city.
La Bastida de Totana is an archaeological site belonging to the Argaric culture.


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